$700 Billion Bi-Partisan Bailout

Both New Gingrich and Paul Krugman are against this ridiculous bailout. That should be enough to demonstrate that it is a bad idea, but I still think it’s going to pass. The congressional leadership of both parties are too deeply entwined with the financial industry to prevent it. The only amusing part of this crisis is reading the naive commentary from the left who apparently believe that the Democrats are less involved than the Republicans in this corruption. At this point, the differences between the Republicans and Democrats are as irrelevant to the main issues of the day as the differences between the Aristocrats and the Populares were during the late years of the Roman Republic. And we all know how that story ended.

UPDATE: Obama saying he may keep Paulson on, has apparently woken up at least one of his supporters to the kind of change he is offering. see here.

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