Cicero MobKool is named for my favorite quote: Cicero’s assertion that nothing is more uncertain (or unpredictable, if you prefer that translation) than the mob. Nihil est incertius vulgo in the original Latin. To which I always rejoin, that the cool are even more unpredictable. Please don’t ask why Kool is spelt with a K, lest I be forced to admit that I used to smoke Kool cigarettes.

Currently, I am CTO of Tech Media Network. If you reduce my main interests to buzzwords, you get mobile, social media and big data. Sadly, I am also unable to quit my long-term addiction to internet media publishing.

My last major job prior to this one was managing technology for the Tech, News and Business media sites of CBS Interactive. which included the CNET, CBS News,  SmartPlanet, TechRepublic, and ZDNet brands.  Prior to that I held several different postions at CNET Networks. During my time at CNET and CBSi, I was granted 3 patents, and have another pending.

Before that, I worked at Newmediary.com, which was purchased by CNET in 2002. NewMediary was a customizable platform for creating online directories for publishers. Here’s a story that appeared about NewMediary in 2000. One result of the work we did at NewMediary is this patent.

Even before that, I worked in the IT department of the (now defunct) CNI, a subsidiary of the Boston Globe.

I consider myself a language/platform agnostic, but my favorite language is PHP. I’m a member of the San Francisco PHP Meetup, so if you are looking for me; look there. If you’re looking for a PHP guru; look here.

My love/hate relationship with computers really began in a unique high school program at Lincoln-Sudbury High in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The program was run by Brian Harvey, who just retired at Berkeley. Here’s his description of the program. Later, I attended UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, and Clark University. Over the years, I have devoted as much time to history as to computers, but I always come back to computers.

I have a blog (you are on it), but I post a lot more on twitter. If you are interested in what I have recently read, look here. Here’s all the stuff I’ve published over the years, and here’s a list of all the presentations I have given. I don’t get mentioned much, but there is the occasional reference. So, here’s some shameless self promotion.

Important Note: Any thoughts, opinions, or ideas expressed on this website are solely my own and do not represent those of any of my current or former employers.