Cicero MobKool is named for my favorite quote: Cicero’s assertion that nothing is more uncertain (or unpredictable, if you prefer that translation) than the mob. Nihil est incertius vulgo in the original Latin. To which I always rejoin, that the cool are even more unpredictable. Please don’t ask why Kool is spelt with a K, lest I be forced to admit that I used to smoke Kool cigarettes.

Currently, I am an independent consultant (unemployed, if you prefer). If you reduce my main interests to buzzwords, you get mobile, social media and big data. Sadly, I am also unable to quit my long-term addiction to internet media publishing.

I consider myself a language/platform agnostic, but my favorite language is PHP. I’m a member of the San Francisco PHP Meetup, so if you are looking for me; look there. If you’re looking for a PHP guru; look here.

My love/hate relationship with computers really began in a unique high school program at Lincoln-Sudbury High in Sudbury, Massachusetts. The program was run by Brian Harvey, who just retired at Berkeley. Here’s his description of the program. Later, I attended UMass Amherst, UMass Boston, and Clark University. Over the years, I have devoted as much time to history as to computers, but I always come back to computers.

I have a blog (you are on it). If you are interested in what I have recently read, look here. Here’s all the stuff I’ve published over the years, and here’s a list of all the presentations I have given. I don’t get mentioned much, but there is the occasional reference. So, here’s some shameless self promotion.

Important Note: Any thoughts, opinions, or ideas expressed on this website are solely my own and do not represent those of any of my current or former employers.