September, 2009

Chris Arreola – Vitali Klitschko Fight

September 25, 2009 @ 11:49 am · Filed under Reality

Chris Arreola and Vitali Klitschko weighed in today for their heavyweight fight which occurs tomorrow. Arreola tried to have a little fun at the expense of all the people who said he was a fat, overweight fighter. Here’s the video:

Arreola looked better than he has in the past few fights, but he’s still at least ten pounds heavier than he should be. Here’s the fight prediction from Bad Left Hook. I predict either an early knockout of Arreola or a boring Klitschko decision.

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Things That Irritated Me Today

September 14, 2009 @ 7:12 pm · Filed under Reality

Today was an extremely irritating day. Here’s a short list of all the things that irritated me today:

  • Pervasive smell of popcorn at work. I hate the smell of popcorn, and when somebody makes it at work it’s impossible to avoid. Plus, burning popcorn is the number one cause of false fire alarms at work. Popcorn should be banned!
  • Guy in men’s room talking on his phone at urinal throughout his entire “visit.” I have no idea what the guy on the other end of the call thought was going on. To cap it off, cell phone guy didn’t wash his hands on the way out. And, he needed to wash them. The phone was tucked under his shoulder; not held in hand.
  • Women on train burbling into her cell phone and giving some poor victim an extended review of the wine tasting she went to last night. Ever since I worked in a wine store in college, I have hated having to listen to idiots go on about “blackberry undertones” and “woody elements.”
  • Insane Russian woman in next seat who used the excuse of asking if the train stopped at Palo Alto to launch into a 45 minute monologue on the unfairness of asking her to take an AIDs test before she came to America.
  • Old guy sitting next to me who was not only a serial cougher who never covered his mouth, but was also apparently a student of the Larry Craig wide stance school of sitting.
  • Lastly, myself, for being too stupid to think of changing out of my work shoes prior to cleaning up fifty pounds of rotting apples from my garden.
  • In addition, an honorable mention goes to Mager for tweeting about how pleasant his train ride was during my train ride from hell.

In any event, tomorrow can only get better.

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