April, 2008

CNET versus TechCrunch

April 5, 2008 @ 9:25 am · Filed under Technology

A while ago, Techmeme was abuzz with Michael Arrington’s plan to crush CNET. So, using the Techmeme leaderboard, I decided to look at the relative influence of the two brands. On the surface, TechCrunch is in the lead with a 7.01% presence to News.com’s 4.44%. However, if you add up all the CNET entries and compare them to the combination of TechCrunch and CrunchGear, you will see that CNET is in the lead with a 10.54% presence versus TC/CG’s 7.21%. Now, that’s still pretty good for TechCrunch, but I think it’s a good indication that CNET is nowhere near as irrelevant to conversation on the web as a lot of people like to think. For reference, here’s all the CNET properties that made the leaderboard, and their presence percentage:

  • News.com 4.44%
  • Webware 0.93%
  • Between The Lines 0.86%
  • The Social 0.71%
  • Beyond Binary 0.57%
  • All about Microsoft 0.56%
  • Outside the Lines 0.5%
  • One More Thing 0.46%
  • Geek Gestalt 0.31%
  • Crave 0.3%
  • Googling Google 0.3%
  • Ed Bott’s Microsoft Report 0.21%
  • Zero Day 0.21%
  • ZDNet 0.18%

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I Just Flew In From New York City

April 4, 2008 @ 4:16 pm · Filed under Reality

and, boy are my arms tired (Sorry, couldn’t resist). Here’s all the places I visited:

Why all these places have to use Flash on their web sites, I don’t know. I heartily recommend two out of three of them. I also ate at a great sushi place (called 28 Asian Cuisine) on 28th Street across from the Ziff Davis building. I can’t find a web site, but they’re easy to find.

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